Ema's cocktail

The Story Behind The Krushvar

The Iconic Cocktail of The Daltonist

The Kushvar is a signature cocktail designed by our beloved Ema Fuštar, a young, high-spirited, and talented bartender that was part of our team for 3 years. Today, we are bringing you a story behind this cocktail.

Krušvar is a small village just outside of Split, Croatia, where Ema grew up. This place was named after the fields of wild pears that cover the whole village. The Krushvar cocktail is named by this village because it is made by ‘Kruškovac’, a type of pear rakija and with this cocktail, The Daltonist brings a part of the tradition and personality to their offer and emphasizes the importance of The Daltonist family-like relationships.

Summer in a Hand

The cocktail itself has a refreshing and sophisticated sweet flavor that makes your thoughts wander to the beach. It is a perfect summer cocktail with which you can let your imagination run wild. The Krushvar lets you feel the refreshingly sweet taste at first sip, a taste that lets you feel that first summer breeze. The second bittersweet taste of ginger is the one that opens up your sixth sense, and the third one is the memorizing one; the one that lets you feel all the flavors at once. Having a glass of The Krushvar is like having the best part of summer in a hand.

The cocktail recipes at The Daltonist are inspired by local spirits and syrups made using traditional Dalmatian ingredients, which is why they truly have a story behind them that makes them stand out. That is exactly how The Krushvar was born.

The Krushvar Recipe

Ingredients (1 serving)
      40 ml of Kruškovac
      30 ml of lemon juice
      30 ml of honey ginger syrup
Glass Rocks
Garnish Dry lemon
Directions Combine all the ingredients in a mixing tin and shake well with ice. Double strain into a rock glass filled with ice and put the wheel-shaped dried lemon garnish on top.
This cocktail was equally loved by everyone, and since it is no longer on our menu and summer is just around the corner, we decided to share the recipe with you, so you can enjoy it at home.

Have fun mixing (and drinking, of course)!

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