Food menu

A unique experience.

The Daltonist


We offer international brunch options with Dalmatian flair during the day and a selection of small plates to enjoy with some craft beers or cocktails during the evening.

Every combination has been carefully selected to provide a unique experience and to pair perfectly with our drink menu.

  • FRIGATURA 10,00€ / 75,34kn

    fried squid + breaded anchovies + cod fish fritula + lemon + homemade tatar

  • BLACK ARANCIN 9,50€ / 71,57kn

    deeš fried black risotto + parmigiano reggiano cube + homemade reduced tomato salsa

  • PAŠTICADA BAO BUN 15.00€ / 113.01kn

    pulled pašticada meat in bao bun + dry plum sweet & sour sauce + cheese cream sauce + crispy onion and bacon

  • CHARCUTERIE 21.70€ / 163.49kn

    cheese from island Pag + local deer sausage + sheep ricotta + dalmatian prosciutto + fig jam + focaccia + almonds

  • SOPARNIK DALTONIST STYLE 6,00€ / 45,20kn

    Soparnik is a traditional pie-like dish from southern Dalmatia - specifically from the Poljica area between Split and Omiš. In Dalmatia, Soparnik (also known as zeljanik or uljenjak) is made in an extraordinary way, on an open fire - on something called a "komin" which is covered with hot coals from dried grape vines.
    Filo dough + baby spinach + mozzarella + olive oil + garlic + feta cheese cream

  • GRETA THUNBER PANINI 11.80€ / 88.91kn

    portobello mushroom + herb pesto + pickled onion