Food menu

A unique experience.

The Daltonist


We offer international brunch options with Dalmatian flair during the day and a selection of small plates to enjoy with some craft beers or cocktails during the evening.

Every combination has been carefully selected to provide a unique experience and to pair perfectly with our drink menu.

  • FRIGATURA 10,00€ / 75,34kn

    fried squid + breaded anchovies + cod fish fritula + lemon + homemade tatar

  • BLACK ARANCIN 9,50€ / 71,57kn

    deeš fried black risotto + parmigiano reggiano cube + homemade reduced tomato salsa

  • PAŠTICADA BAO BUN 15.00€ / 113.01kn

    pulled pašticada meat in bao bun + dry plum sweet & sour sauce + cheese cream sauce + crispy onion and bacon

  • CHARCUTERIE 21.70€ / 163.49kn

    cheese from island Pag + local deer sausage + sheep ricotta + dalmatian prosciutto + fig jam + focaccia + almonds

  • SOPARNIK DALTONIST STYLE 6,00€ / 45,20kn

    Soparnik is a traditional pie-like dish from southern Dalmatia - specifically from the Poljica area between Split and Omiš. In Dalmatia, Soparnik (also known as zeljanik or uljenjak) is made in an extraordinary way, on an open fire - on something called a "komin" which is covered with hot coals from dried grape vines.
    Filo dough + baby spinach + mozzarella + olive oil + garlic + feta cheese cream

  • GRETA THUNBER PANINI 11.80€ / 88.91kn

    portobello mushroom + herb pesto + pickled onion

  • WAGYU SLIDERS 24,50€ / 184,59kn

    kagoshima wagyu beef + homemade truffle mayo + dalmatian prosciutto chips + homemade pickles + farm lettuce + local smoked cow cheese

  • Kagoshima, which is located in southernmost part of Kyushu area is the largest livestock farming area in Japan. Kagoshima Wagyu is raised in warm climate and wonderful natural environment. Supply of Kagoshima Wagyu is always stable with their abundant production and high quality achieved by careful care by farmers.

  • DAILY DESSERT 6.00€ / 45.20kn