Creativity, quality, exceptional service, vibrant atmosphere. That’s it.

The Daltonist

The Daltonist came to life because of a shared belief that exceptional hospitality and a friendly relaxed atmosphere do not have to be mutually exclusive. 

We brought together an international team from as far as Argentina and Cameroon, and everywhere in between. All of us share a common passion for providing you, our guests, with wonderful experiences. 

We could talk about why we are the best at X, Y or Z, but the truth is that’s your decision to make. We are just here to help you have a good time.
the daltonist team working at the best cocktail bar split

Our Drinks 

By focusing on the mantra ‘think globally, act locally’ we take inspiration wherever we can find it and then combine it with our local ingredients and culture to offer you unique drinks that truly have a story behind them. 

From the house-made liqueurs and syrups made using traditional Dalmatian ingredients in our cocktails to the locally brewed craft beers we pour on draft, everything we offer is chosen to amplify your experience with us.

Brunch & Small Plates

We offer international brunch options with Dalmatian flair during the day and a selection of small plates to enjoy with some craft beers or cocktails during the evening. 

Every combination has been carefully selected to provide a unique experience and to pair perfectly with our drink menu.

The Daltonist Shop

Thirsty for new flavours? You're in the right place!
For demanding palates we have selected craft spirits and beers from around the world, allowing you to travel through your tastebuds.

Not only that, we offer our signature cocktails for you to enjoy at home, taking to a friends house or make someone feel special.

More About Us


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